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We offer various levels of information/history on all  used vehicles, and if you are looking at more than one, we can provide you with a heavily discounted multi-check.

With 1000's of cars having their mileage tampered with each year, being stolen and 'ringed' (false plates/engine/vin number etc) and accident damaged cars repaired and put back on to the road, you are subjected to a multitude of risks when buying a used car.

Check Car online will only recommend the online car checks that we feel are the best value for money and the most data rich for the price charged.

There are many car check deals on offer but they all have different levels of vehicle data and it can be difficult to make a decision on who will provide you with the car check that will contain the information you are particularly seeking.

This is where Check Car comes in!

Every day, we look at all the car check online deals on offer and analyse the data, comparing the prices being charged and recommend the deal we think provides the best data for the price.

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Did you know that you could do a 

You can also check car details for free too!




Carrying out a car registration check has never been so simple.

By entering the registration number into the number plate above you will be redirected to our Check Car registration number check where it will be checked against the DVLA Registration number check online facility.

The Car Registration number check is an instant free car check and will confirm the car registration number you have entered matches the vehicle it was issued to.

The DVLA check car confirmation you will receive once you have entered your registration number will confirm not only the vehicle registered to that number, but also the make, the model, the colour and the year of registration.

Please remember, this check, although quite informative and useful when checking any car registration number, is only the most basic vehicle identity check available and is really just to identify the vehicle to confirm it matches DVLA records.

When buying a used car, you should really do a more comprehensive car registration check which includes further car data to verify that the used car in question does not have any adverse history.

Adverse car history can lower the value of the used car you are checking. You should check car data wherever possible when buying a used car in order to avoid issues that could cost you money or even the vehicle itself.

Check vehicle history for records stored on various car data bases, CHECK CAR accesses car data from numerous providers of car check information including insurance and finance companies, the Police National Computer, VOSA and others.

Check Car will access the UK Stolen Vehicle Register where EVERY vehicle that has been reported as stolen is recorded. This information is accessed 24 hours a day by the Police and other organisations.

This information is regularly updated and provided for access to buyers of used cars.

Many car check offers are made up of assorted information in different car check packages that will check registration number to chassis number and reported stolen to outstanding finance.

The important thing is to check car deals that offer the most information for the least cost, but in the main, return information that you actually want. Some sites will offer you what seems a bargain price, but then add in all the 'extras'. Others will provide some of the information but not necessarily the data you are particularly looking for. Read the vehicle check points that are provided with the check!

What you do not want is to pay for car check information and not get the data you were expecting or need.

If you ENTER A REGISTRATION NUMBER ABOVE, you will get a Premium Car Check that returns all the data you would expect of a car check online and all from just


This car check is incredibly priced as it provides a host of car check details and is viewable online instantly AND the results are also emailed to you FREE!

When you do a car registration check with Check Car, you can be sure of an excellent car check online with feature rich car data at the best prices possible.



Check Car .org is in no way associated with Hpi Limited or any of its products or services.
Check Car provides data stored by various agencies and organisations to help identify used vehicles and prevent fraud.

HPI ia an abbreviation for Historical & Present Information.

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